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Afri-Geo Mineral Group Projects


Leviathan Gold Project (Shamva) – 100 %

Gold occurs as disseminated mineralization in two parallel and broad east-west trending zones in the tonalitic Leviathan Stock. Historical trenching and audits have outlined zones 15 to 35 metres wide, over length up to 750 metres long, and with grades ranging from 0.95 to 2 g/t. The Leviathan project has high potential for a low grade-high tonnage gold operation amenable to the cheaper open pit mining method. A joint venture agreement with a local bank is in place to undertake resource drilling and developing the asset.

Gungwa Rare Earth Elements Project (Rushinga) – 100 % owned

The Gungwa REE project is located 45 km north of Rushinga close to the border with Mozambique. The Gungwa deposit is a 1,700 by 120 m magnetite-apatite carbonatite strongly enriched in rare earth elements. Semi-quantitative analyses of grab samples systematically collected along the outcropping carbonatite returned REE (lanthanum and cerium) concentrations ranging from 1,200 to 5,000 ppm.

Hurungwe Graphite Project (Hurungwe) – 100 % owned

The project is located 43 km west of Karoi town. The orebody is a near vertical east-west striking body of graphite schist in sillimanite gneiss that is more than 1.2 km long. Width varies from 0.5 to 3 m. No resource estimation has been carried but graphite resources are reasonably large.

Beryl Rose Limestone Project (Umfurudzi Game Park) – 20 %

Beryl Rose limestone deposit is a significant undeveloped limestone mining project with more than 300 million tonnes of limestone, which is more than enough to sustain a cement manufacturing plant. The project is located in the Umfurudzi game park approximately 180 km north east of Harare. The limestone varies from a calcitic limestone to a dolomitic limestone. Calcium carbonate content ranges from 75 to 95 %.

Gorogoro Limestone Project (Nyamapanda) – 20 %

The Gorogoro limestone is located 250 km north east of Harare and near the border town of Nyamapanda. The dolomitic marble horizon has an average thickness of 50 m and stretches for 11.5 km forming low hills and ridges. Inferred resource using the limestone body dimensions to a vertical depth of 50 m is approximately 60 million tonnes limestone. Calcium carbonate content in the limestone varies from 80 to 93 %.