About Us


Over 40 years experience in mining


Afrigeo Mineral Group is a resource exploration and development company focused in Zimbabwe. The company is building up a highly prospective multi mineral portfolio of projects in the country. Afrigeo has a well-defined development strategy in place and is committed to generating value for shareholders by advancing its projects up the development curve.


Afrigeo Mineral Group is focused on developing the Leviathan gold project into an operating mine and has entered into a joint venture partnership to carry out resource drilling at this gold project. The company will also focus on evaluating the Gungwa rare earth elements (REE) project. The exploration for REE in Zimbabwe has had a much lower profile than most other widely sought commodities, such as gold, base metals (such as nickel, copper, lead and zinc) and energy minerals, and Afrigeo want to take a lead in exploration for REE.


Did you know that Africa produces 50% of the world’s diamonds by volume and 58% by value. 

Backed by an inclusive and development philosophy, Afri-Geo Mineral Group values it’s stakeholders and communities where it operates from. Afr-Geo extends its loyalty to Africa by making sure that their operations in Zimbabwe are of international standard.